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    Unanswered: Becoming an Oracle DBA

    I would like to become an Oracle DBA, how should I start?

    I just graduated with a computer science degree. I only have web programming experience where I used MySQL.

    If I go to get an Oracle DBA certificate, I wouldn't get a job since all employers look for experience. So it would be a waste of time to get the certificate.

    How did any of you DBAs start?

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    Training on job


    the most experience you can get is out of a real project.
    First we start with programming against Oracle with C and OCI.
    After that we use PL/SQL for quick alogorithm an less network transfers.
    And the last thing we did was tuning SQL statements tuning the database and monitoring running processes and all the DBA stuff

    The first step is always the hardest - just do it !

    If you have the ability to work or speak directly to a Oracle DBA look him over his shoulders. Ask him.

    By the way ... we work with Oracle over 10 years in projects for our customers and in house - but until now - we didn´t understand everything cause there is too much to understand.

    Another thing:
    Use a powerful DBA or programmer tool to work with the database. For the first steps it is much easier and you will learn a lot about the database. Take a look at the AlligatorSQL at

    Perhaps that helps a little bit ?

    Manfred Peter
    (Alligator Company)

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