Anybody been able to use the QUALIFIER clause when compiling a DB2 program with MF COBOL.

Environment DB2 AIX V 7.2 (FP 4), MF Cobol V2.0 revision 011.

Trying to use the command

$COBDIR/bin/cob -xvC "DB2(QUALIFIER=FS2CFGDB BINDFILE NOPRE)" -e QUERY -o H5105Q00 H5105Q00.cbl -L$D
B2PATH/lib -ldb2 -ldb2gmf

But get the error message

* Micro Focus Server Express V2.0 revision 011 Compiler
* Copyright (C) 1984-2001 MERANT International URN RXCTG/AA0/00000O
* Accepted - verbose
* Accepted - nolist
* DB2 directive = QUALIFIER(FS2CFGDB is invalid - check documentation for list of valid directives
* Rejected - BINDFILE
* Rejected - NOPRE)
* 155-U

Tony Winch