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    Unanswered: Configuration Sybase 12.5 on RAID

    I need to know if exist some thecnical considerations to install Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.5 on RAID:
    - Strip Size?
    - Raid Level?
    - Considerate separate array for transaction log?
    - any other consideration.

    thank yor for yor help.


    Luis Manya

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    I am not sure what a good stripe size is, but I do know it is depedant upon your DB page size and your DB application (OLTP, DSS, etc.).

    RAID level also depends on your application. Typically for OLTP you'd want RAID 10. RAID 5 is typically good for mostly read-only stuff.

    If you have many updates/insers which use the transaction log it is good to place it on a separate disk.

    Same goes for tempDB -- if it is heavily utilized it would be good to place it on a separate disk. If it is REALLY used you would be wise to get a solid-state drive or ramdisk and place it on there for optimal performance.


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