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    Unanswered: You or another user may have unexpectedly quit

    I'm having trouble with a school reports database which worked OK in access 97 but when converted to XP (2002) gives the error "you or another user may have unexpectedly quit..." and then needs to be repaired with everyone off the system. We have put the latest Jet hotfix on but it is still happening.
    Can anyone help?

    Roger Platt

    PS If anyone can answer this they can have a free holiday - the school I work at is in sunny oman in the middle east where the temperature is now 42 degrees!

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    You need to step through your code. To me it sounds like you have a query or save command running out of order, this may have been caused by the conversion or may be a result of the conversion, i.e. something that worked okay in 97 now does not.

    Have you compiled by hand since the conversion?

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