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    Question Unanswered: MySQL vs MsAccess for Small Biz Apps


    Our very small company (3 people) is planning
    to develop an in house DB app for managing the
    common business operations dealing with customers,
    orders, inventory, etc.

    Initially it will work on a single Windows PC.
    However, in the future it might migrate to a
    Client-Server approach.

    The main goal is to find some plataform that:
    - is stable, does not crash all the time;
    - easy to use, not requiring deep coding and/or learning;
    - allows not only the managm. of tables and queries,
    but also of forms and reports (or something similar);
    - provides a good and flexible interface to the user;
    - low plataform cost (free or under $100).

    From what I've seen it appears that MS Access
    is the most recomendable plataform in such a
    situation. However, I would like to know about
    other alternatives, namely:
    * MySQL + Some Easy2Use GUI Client

    Does it make sense use MySQL in such a situation?

    Do you know of any similar examples that I can
    learn from?


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    Mysql VS Access2K

    Hi !
    We are running a e-business web site ( that offer a large number of market research and business report. We set-up this web site using MySQL/PHP as front office, and we manage a great number of operations thanks to our DB (oder, billing, content ...).

    For our back office we use Access2K as a client, connected through an ODBC driver to MySQL, with linked table.

    It is a realy great solution as Access developement is very easy (you can manage it whithout having to code a line) and can be handle by a person who dosn't know any code.

    As your company grow, you can easy manage your apllication deployment, as it is client/server oriented. I think to begin with it's a great solution.


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    It sounds like MS Access may be the best solution for your small office application.

    You can always migrate later to MySQL if your application becomes bigger, and requires more muscle.

    (If you do go with MySQL, here's an tool that may help you: MyAccess -

    Hope this helps,
    Peter De Baets
    Peter's Software - Microsoft Access Tools for Developers

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