I am developer and new to SQL Server. I applied SP2, specifically
Database Components and Analysis Services Components.

Since this update I noticed traffic on my network when I was other wise idle.
Here is some output.
Administrator@GAEA ~
$ netstat

Active Connections

Proto Local Address Foreign Address State
TCP gaea:1204 msgr-cs51.msgr.hotmail.com:1863 ESTABLISHED
TCP gaea:2179 SYN_SENT
TCP gaea:2180 SYN_SENT
TCP gaea:2181 SYN_SENT
TCP gaea:2182 SYN_SENT
TCP gaea:2183 SYN_SENT
TCP gaea:2184 SYN_SENT
TCP gaea:2185 SYN_SENT
TCP gaea:2186 SYN_SENT
TCP gaea:2187 SYN_SENT
TCP gaea:2188 SYN_SENT
TCP gaea:2189 SYN_SENT
TCP gaea:2190 SYN_SENT
TCP gaea:2191 SYN_SENT
..... it keeps going


Could someone point me in the right direction of where to look.
I would like to at least know why this is happening.

This behavior happens even if I stop all services on SQL Server
Services Manager.

Thanks in advance!

Joe Curran