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    I have a table like this :

    ID_1 ID_2
    A 1
    A 2
    B 3
    C 4


    ID_1 has duplicate values. What I wanna do is separate those two categories into 2 tables.

    First table : ID_1 ID_2
    A 1
    A 2

    Second table : ID_1 ID_2
    B 3
    C 4

    Any idea on how to do this ? Thanks

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    I took this one step further just for clarification. I added 2 ID_1 records for "D" with ID_2 values of "5" and "6" respectively.

    I then created a SELECT query that displays only those records with multiple instances of ID_1.

    Here's the SQL code:

    SELECT Table3.ID_1, Table3.ID_2, Count(Table3_1.ID_1) AS CountOfID_1
    FROM Table3 INNER JOIN Table3 AS Table3_1 ON Table3.ID_1 = Table3_1.ID_1
    GROUP BY Table3.ID_1, Table3.ID_2
    HAVING (((Count(Table3_1.ID_1))>1));

    If you add the 2 extra records to your table that I did, and you create a query and paste in this SQL, you should get this result:

    ID_1 ID_2
    A 1
    A 2
    D 5
    D 6

    If this is correct, you can use this SELECT query to create a MAKE TABLE query to separate out the items, and then to create a DELETE query to delete these items from the main table if desired.

    Hope this helps.

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