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    Unanswered: Access or SQL Backend?

    My company currently has a series of similar, but custom MS Access databases installed at about 50 clients.

    I'd like to rebuild the system from the ground up and want more info on compare/contrast of SQL Server and MS Access as a backend (realizing that SQL Server is more robust and secure, but MS Access is easier?)

    Between 5 and 15 users will be connected to the database at a given time.

    We'd like to be able to handle about 30,000 records.

    I intend on using MS Access as the primary front end client but am considering web integration for some reports.

    I'd just like to hear first thoughts and any suggestions about the 2 dbms.

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    MS SQL Server DOES cost a whole lot more to use =)

    If you want a true database server for your backend but you decided to be a shrewed, you could always use mySQL for the backend (which happens to be free) and use Access as your front end using linked odbc tables.

    aside from that, using mySQL or MS SQL Server does make web integration easier vs access.

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    Much appreciated, is MSDE similar to MySQL?

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    MSDE is the MSSQL engine, without the bells and whistles.

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    This was one of them.

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