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    Unanswered: where is the record ?

    I have a problem that I can't seem to figure out.
    This statement gives me a recordset called rsValves

    Select * From qryVentilerOchPlatser Where vDelnr LIKE 'DM%' And pId is not Null Order by vDelnr

    and this line of could should give me the following printout, right ?

    Response.Write rsValves("vID") & " | " & rsValves("vDelnr") & " | " & rsValves("vFabrikat")

    Printout: 6070 | DM001 | NAF

    but instead I get this

    6070 | | NAF

    why is the middle column missing ???

    Please, help !!

    / Daniel

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    I would suspect that your problem is caused by one of two things:

    1) The value of the field is NULL

    2) The field was previously reference in the recordset, and because of certain settings for your connection/recordset the value was cleared out.

    For example:
    Set myRS = myConn.Execute("SELECT f1, f2 FROM t1")

    If myRS("f1") = "yes" Then
    Response.Write("f1 = " & myRS("f1"))
    Response.Write("f2 = " & myRS("f2"))
    End If

    If f1 is "yes" then you will see the following on the page:

    f1 =

    This happens because the value was cleared out of the recordset when it was reference in the If Expression.

    Hope this helps...

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    Thank you

    Ahh, it's cleared out?!?!

    Well, you live you learn...

    Thank you

    / Daniel

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