I'm new to using Informix's High Performance Loader.

I have managed to use this tool to load records from a pipe delimited file into one of my tables. However, my problem arises with the next table I wish to load into. This table has column names that are quiet long, such as:

successful_outgoing_interbsc_ho, and

When I go to create my Map, the column names are being truncated to:

successful_outgoing_interb, and

and so when I go to map value 1 to one column and value 2 to another, I end up with both values pointing to the one column.

How can I set the HPL to display the full column name ??

I have checked the mapitem table in the onpload database and the colname column has been set to varchar(128,0).

Why is the column name being truncated ??

Any help would be greatly appreciated.