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    Unanswered: Oracle Replication and Peoplesoft

    Hello friends. I'm wondering if anyone can help me out. I've been tasked with recreating a chunk of a PeopleSoft instance for a data warehouse application. Originally, we decided to use the Replication toolset in order to accomplish this.

    Unfortunately, it turns out, PeopleSoft does not use Oracle based constraints (?!??!?!!). Actually I'm told that some PS implementation use unique keys, but no primary keys (the exports provided to me have no constraints whatsoever).

    In any case, this puts our plans to use Replication in jeapordy. The database is 8.16 and our attempts to use rowid based replication has caused several crashes in our development environment.

    Has anyone out there successfully implemented Oracle Replication against a database being used as a PeopleSoft back end? If so, I'd love to get any information possible on how implemented.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Can't you do this with Peoplesoft's DataMover ?
    Might be more useful.
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    Thank you for the prompt response, ruudboy. I'm not at all associated with the PeopleSoft team / effort and in fact they have been very unresponsive to my requests, but I will investigate the DataMover product.


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