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    Unanswered: My report printed extra/blank pages.

    My report printed extra/blank pages.

    I changed the height to 0" in the report footer property on one report. It fixed the problem for that report. But the second report it reduced four blank pages to one page at the end of report. I tried to adjust the width of the report in design view it wouldn't change and I also tried changing the page footer to 0," still it wouldn't work.

    Any suggestions on how I can fix it?


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    If the width is greater than the page width you will print blank pages. You could try adjusting the margins in page set up.

    The fact you cannot reduce the width in design view implies you have controls covering the report. Are these set to can grow can shrink, in which case you could reduce their height to just visible and compact the report that way. This will men that when the report prints if there is no data the space left for the control would only be small.

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