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    Unanswered: Help With Query

    I have a table in the following format:

    CutomerID ; CustomerLasName ; PurchaseDate

    I would like to prepare a query with a ONE RECORD result and the following fields:

    #of customers; #of customers with last name X; #of customers with last name Y, #of purchase Dates ; a constant string such as market name

    All of this would be for the customerID's between aaa and bbb

    I would appreciate any help on this.

    t. Jones

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    SELECT MarketName, Count(CustomerID), Sum(IIf([CustomerName]='x',1,0)) AS xName, Sum(IIf([CustomerName]='y',1,0)) AS yName, Count(PurchaseDate)
    FROM Customers
    GROUP BY MarketName;

    Hope this helps....

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