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    Unanswered: Confussions

    I would like to know what a computer with these features mean. This computer has the following features:

    4GL OpenINGRES
    HTML+Java over OpenINGRES

    Because Im not a person that dominates the databases world these are my guesses to what I think it means (please correct me if Im wrong):

    Its a computer that mantains a database.

    I think that "Solaris" is the OS where the database is located. Solaris is also an UNIX OS. Is it true?.

    I also think that "4GL OpenINGRES" means that their database is OpenINGRES (BTW, which is the company that have made OpenIngres?, Informix?) and that the language that they used to build the database was a 4GL (which I think is that is some kind of SQL language. Is it very different from the normal SQL?. Do you know what are the main differences between 4GL and SQL or do you know of any webpage that tells what are the commands or syntax for 4GL?.

    Finally, I think that "HTML+Java over OpenINGRES" means that someone that wants to get any information from the database (OpenINGRES) from the internet uses a combination of HTML and Java code to access the database. For example if I was to access some data from the database I would have to login to a webpage where it asks me for a "username" and a "password". This webpages interacts with the database with HTML and Java. Is it true?.

    And the last question. If someone was trying to enter to the database what should he do?:
    SQL injection?. Im not sure if this will work if they have the 4GL, although I know that the 4GL is also some kind of SQL. Is it possible to do SQL injection with the features of the computer that I have told you. Or it will have to be a "4GL injection"?. I dont know if "4GL injection" exists but it is just to make me an idea of the possibilities for someone to use "SQL injection" on the database.

    English is not my first language so maybe I havent explained me well. If you want me to give more explanataions just ask me for it. I really need to know it.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Seems like you have the bones of it there already, howver, 4GL is not a language as such it is known as Fourth Generation Language, MSAccess as example.
    User friendly coding like Sql...

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