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    Post Unanswered: bind and rebind package errors

    Hi every body

    who knows any information about isue bind and rebind more than the documention of DB2 UDB. Becuase we cloned a new production environment from our developing environment, it is a CRM application based on SIEBEL and DB2 database on NT, every thing is mapped in new system as it is in dev. system, but we have for all user on logon SQL0551N and SQL STATE 42501. I tried to bind the package on database server

    db2 bind @db2cli.lst blocking all grant all

    I got messages

    LINE MESSAGES FOR db2clish.bnd
    ----- -------------------------------------
    has any body any idea???


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    You might check the permissions in the working development data base against the system tables, then see if they match the new database.

    I've had this problem after binding packages, because the package owner (NULLID for me) didn't have the authority to READ WITH GRANT option against all of the system tables.

    This is buried in the documentation, not easily found. Even knowing what to look for, I'm not finding it on the IBM web site in the first few manuals I've searched.

    The 0551N message is usually a return code meaning that something doesn't have the permissions it needs, the SQLCODE of -551.

    On all of your SQL messages, you can look up the SQL code. Sometimes they're + codes, but the 911 and the 551 are really -911 and -551.

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