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    Unanswered: User creation

    I am not know how to give access to a user as per the scenario below.

    I have a server (say Server1). I have put my database (DB1) on Server1. Now there is one more database (DB2)which is also going to sit on Server1. I want to create a user (login) who can do whatever he wants (backup,restore, create users, assign privileges etc on the DB2 database) but he should not be able to access the DB1 database. I'm logged in with sa privileges.

    How can I achieve this??
    Would be glad if you could send me the steps to achieve this.

    P.C. Vaidyanathan

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    Open Enterprise Manager, go to the server in question and expand the Security folder. Click on the Logins and find the user you created. Double click on the user's name and then click on the Database Access tab. De-select all databases (No check mark in the 'Permit' column) and then check the Permit column for DB2. When you click on the Permit for DB2 the bottom window will become enabled and probably will have 'public' checked, also select the 'db_owner' attribute. Click on OK and you are done.
    Paul Young
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