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    Unanswered: Btrieve --> MySQL

    Hi everyone! I am a newbie here on this forum, and I must say, I love it already!

    Well, noe here comes the good stuff! I am curretly working in a program called Busines Vision. Business Vision uses Btrieve databases. I want to create a separate database management system, written in PHP and using a MYSQL Database. Can I skip the MySQL database and read directly for the Btrieve database? I want to be able to update the database from php in a web developement, but also have the changes made in Business Vision. If not, how would I go around using the Btrieve database in MySQL? ANy help is greatly appreciated!

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    Betrive Provides two ways of access...
    One is SQL-able, the other one not!

    If Your Programm access Betrive via the native Database API and no DDF-Files are created for your DataFiles then i don't think you've got a chance to access Betrive via PHP.

    If you can access your Data via ODBC (try with MSAccess for example) then it could work...

    Hope that helps...

    P.S. Sorry 4 my Bad English

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