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    Unanswered: IRL on all tables (SQL 7)

    And here's a new question for you out there

    I want to activate Insert Row Lock on all tables of my database.
    Browsing the web, i found the following command :

    sp_tableoption '%.%','Insert row lock','true'

    The trouble is that %.% doesn't work under SQL 7 (and probably beyond)

    So, how do i replace these generic characters to tell the SP to activate IRL on all tables of the database ?

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    according to BOL:

    insert row lock is...
    Not supported in Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000.
    For SQL Server version 6.5, enabled or disabled Insert Row Locking (IRL) operations on the specified table. Row-level locking is enabled by default in SQL Server version 7.0. The locking strategy of SQL Server is row locking with possible promotion to page or table locking. This option does not alter the locking behavior of SQL Server (it has no effect) and is included only for compatibility of existing scripts and procedures.
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    Now that you say it, i remember having read this a long time ago

    Thanks a lot.

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