What is the best way to this in Oracle? I can't find a way to use the alias in oracle like I made here in access

SELECT PD_1759B_PDTABLE_134.SECONDARY_DESCRIPT AS S, InStr([S],Chr(34)) AS pos, InStr([pos],[s],"-") AS 0M, InStr([0M]+1,[s],"-") AS 1M, InStr([1M]+1,[s],"-") AS 2M, InStr([2M]+1,[s],"-") AS 3M, Mid([s],[0m]+1,[3m]-1-[0m]) AS Expr1
WHERE (((PD_1759B_PDTABLE_134.SECONDARY_DESCRIPT) Like "*"+Chr(34)+"*"));

also Someone know how to made a userfunction that I can use in the SQL to made something like:
select usrid, name, sex, Join('select telephones from tel where usrid =' & usrid;";") from users;

I mean in each item I'll get :
001 | Andre | male | 3277-0987; 3443-0000 |

thanks a lot;