An Ingres 2.5 question ...

We are trying to make a configuration where all windows client boxes will share an unique Ingres/Net network installation on a common share$. CA offers a good document about this question ( but we are experiencing some problems, every time a machine starts up the ingres client (ingstart) this process tries to open the ingstart.log file just deleting it when going down.

Changing the attributes of this file to allow write permissions to everyone is a problem due to the maintenance it will require to sys admin (yes, there are other files that need the same condition but let's make something about ....)

Now the question, is there a way to redirect the creation of this file to a different path (%temp%) (the default path is at the network share (\II_SYSTEM\ingres\files\ ...) or just deactivate this faility ?. May it be a question of global veriable definition ??? (aka II_ ), which one ?