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    Unanswered: tablespace fragmentation


    I'm new on oracle db administration. Just want to know how a tablespace become fragmented? You see we had a tablespace that is very I/O intensive and we want to move one table (11GB of size) on it to a new tablespace with new filesystem/volume group (maybe raid 1). I'm concerned about if the procedure will create fragmentation. If then, is there a way we can defrag it. Any info would much be appreciated.


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    Re: tablespace fragmentation

    Reasons for tablespace fragmentation:
    1. Incorrect extent management at table instead of tablespace level.
    2. High value for freelists parameter (though increasing performance for concurrent inserts it results in higher fragmentation)

    To avoid fragmentation:
    1. Organize your tablespaces as locally managed
    2. Place big and small tables in different tablespaces

    To defrag tablespace:
    Export/Import the most fragmented table (prior Oracle 8i) or
    move your table to separate tablespace (and then back if you want)
    with different storage parameters if needed.

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