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    Unanswered: Tablespace utilization

    Hi to everyone.

    I have a tablespace for example (with several DMS containers - raw devices) that is, let's say 50GB of size (total).
    The tablespace is 25% used.
    My first question is:
    1. If I drop the tablespace and re-create it with total size of 25GB will the percentage of used space increase to 50%?
    Second question:
    2. What is the best way to accomplish the above? (i.e tablespace backup or export/import)

    Thnx in advance!

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    Hi demisco,

    Take complete db backup before you try any tricks.

    Then perhaps you can try a redirected restore on a test box. During this you can allocate new containers of lesser size to this tablespace. Try this on a test box before you do anything on production though.


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