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    Question Unanswered: shifting to oracle DB


    i wanted to shift my work from the
    NT server to linux server & the work has been done sucessfully.
    the problem is i want to shift the database as well.

    I want to shift the MS-SQL data base to
    ORACLE database.
    i have tables in MS SQL with names like
    "10/10000 MBPS ETHERNET CARD" etc
    with spaces, spl characters etc so the migration tool
    is not allowing to do that.
    can u help me out.


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    If you have table names with spaces you need to create the table in Oracle with the table name in " " though this might not work with all characters.

    i.e. create table "10/10000 MBPS ETHERNET CARD" (x char(1));

    NOTE in all your queries you will also have to refer to the table in " ".

    The other alternative is to change the name of your tables so that they dont use any unusual characters and then run your migration tool.


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