Completely new to Enterprise, etc. I just upgraded an Access database and published it at a Verio database server to power a new website developed with UltraDev 4. I downloaded Enterprise Manager and installed onto a Windows 2000 machine that already had MSDE. I did this because I wanted the Enterprise Manager. I now show MSDE, Sql Server, and SQL 7.0 in Programs.

Logging in to Verio´s server and opening the Databases folder takes up to 15 minutes even on a pretty high speed cable internet connection because there are over 370 databases for other sites that have to download with all of their individual folder information as well!

It seems ridiculous but Verio says that is what I have to live with.

My basic question is that I do not understand the interplay between my machine and SQL 7 as far as updating the database, etc. My first attempts to convert my local Access database and load it to the Verio server resulted in my tables simply appending the same data up to 4 times, writing the same records over and over.

I do not understand how I simply upload my new SQL database to the server and wind up with an exact copy of what resides on my local machine. Is this what Replication takes care of?

My attempts to set up Publication fail every time it rejects the path that Enterprise Manager specifies, even when I browse...
"\\mycomputername\C$ etc etc" is warned that it is not a valid path.

And now I have data showing up on my website that definitely should be there and in the right number of records, but, those tables do not exist in the view that Enterprise Manager gives me of my assigned database address and name.

IS there an online source that takes the naive like myself through the whole setup for SQL 7.0 and Enterprise Manager and doing such basic things as updating a database and transferring it correctly to a website??