Hi, looking for some advice from wise sages, as I do not Know where to start.
My GM has an excel spreadsheet that is used for budgeting purposes.
The A2k database has a number of queries which extracts data from various tables. On a Monthly bases it is wished that the data from the queries is xfered to the Spreadsheet. I don't want to start reinventing the wheel or do something which exceeds my abilities or those of access or Excel. My abilities are not that great.
1) Is it possible to Union those different queries which have different data or is it better to do a cross tab of them to create another table which a query can be produced.
2) Is it possible to set up an Automatic event that at the end of each month sends the Query information to the Spreadsheet or say to an intermediate stage. One of the existing queries is a Union Query that will only have those feilds which have information extracted for the month. The Union Query looks at 13 different Markets, of which not all will have activity for the month. Another looks at the sum of invoices sent out for the month, the value still remining to be invoiced, and one extracts cash sale data.
Once this information has been xfered is it now possible to automatically get this data to the correct cells in the Excel spreadsheet easily.
I have been looking at the automating export data help in access, which advises a modul to be set up but it does not explain how to make it totally automatic if it is at all possible.
Can anyone assist with advice?
Thanks in advance.