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    Unanswered: Accessing networked PC's

    I have a database that is on the local network in our office. I have a table that contains the machine numbers of all the PC's. What i want to do is press a button in my database that will then put copies of the database on their harddrives. I have a database that is replicated across the network on all of these PC's and have put code behind a button to update all the replicas for any change so i would assume that it must be possible to go one step further and put a program on their hard drives. If anyone has any idea of what code might do this I would appreciate it.


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    you could use the shell function and build the pathname parameter via code, ex.:
    do until myrst.EOF
        shell "copy c:\data\sourcefile \\" & _
            myrst!machinename & "\data\destfile"
    edit: whoops, forgot the movenext
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