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    Red face Unanswered: oracle8i - 9i

    i would to become a oracle dba. In my factory that i must leave in few months, I have two possibilities, working on an oracle8i enterprise edition with all the tools or installing for myself an personnal oracle9i.
    So my question is, if i work on an 8i version, will i be lost if i must work on an 9i version tomorrow. Are the differences so importants.

    Thank's in advance.

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    If I was you I'd work with the Oracle 8i.
    9i has a lot of extra features but they won't be difficult to get used to if you are familiar with 8i.
    I work with an 8i database and I won't be upgrading until I am sure 9i is as stable.
    I have yet to run into problems that could only be overcome with 9i's new FEATURES.

    Hope this helps,

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