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    Unanswered: Delaying excecution of commands

    I have a code that puts select query into a graph row
    source. After that, I want to manipulate the
    SeriesCollection of the graph. However, it seems I always
    have an error whenever the no (x) of previous serious
    collection is less than the new one (y). When I want to
    access SeriesCollection(>x), it gives me error. So it
    seems when it refreshes the row source, it has not been
    completed but the next code is run because if I only run
    refreshing (without manipulating the SeriesCollection),
    everything works fine. Does anyone know why or how to
    maybe delay the execution of the next code until the graph
    is fully refreshes ?


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    A quick and dirty thing I could think of would be to just keep on trying 'till it works. Maybe you'll need to add some wait code between retries as you might be blocking the tread with your requests. It's not a desirable solution but it might do the trick.

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