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    Unanswered: pointing to System file-system.mda

    I have a really tough question.

    How can I get Access to join to the SYSTEM file on a network drive?
    I went through the procedures in Access Workgroup Administrator and tried to point Access to the SYSTEM.mda file, I received an Access is denied message in the Workgroup Administrator dialog box.

    Could anybody give me some help?


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    You will need to have read and modify permissions on the file to get it to work.

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    pointing to System file-system.mda

    Error Message: " Access is denied"
    while attempting to join Q:\SYSTEM.MDA

    I have joined to the SYSTEM.MDA file @ my computer before without any problems. This occurred @ an user's workstation.
    If it is not the permission problem, what else do you think it could be?

    Does the system file has to be SYSTEM.MDW for Access2000?
    We are currently using a SYSTEM.MDA file created few versions ago.
    But that doesn't explain the error message.

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