Has anyone ever had the identity seed default for all tables to 0 instead of 1?

I routinely create new databases by copying a detached database (.mdf file), renaming the copy and attaching the new database. I do not normally have any problems with this but when I inserted records into one of the tables of a recently created database the identitfy field started at 0. I tried inserts on several of the other tables and the identity started at 0 as well. I did not reseed or truncate any tables. If I check the design table information or run sp_help for any of the tables it says that the seed is 1 and Not For Replication is 0.

I have tried to recreate this problem by copying the detached database and have been unsuccessful. I cannot change the method of how our company creates these databases and am concerned that this problem may occur again.

I thought that the default for an identity was 1 and could only be changed one table at a time. Is this not true?