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    Unanswered: AddressBar - Entrying FileName

    I have been trying to find a good solution But i could't get

    My problem is I have developed the one Application using Asp.
    It has softmenu page for all forms (main menu page ).It the user
    go to the form by the way of softmenu it will work fine. But the thig is
    once he know about the file names he can directly enter the name in Address bar
    then the form will work with errors.
    How to control this. the User never ever Get a chance to enter into the form
    through entring the file name. I hope some had a solution
    Please help me.
    -- Prasad --

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    I'm assuming that you want to force a user to log in to be able to download a file off the server. You can use NT Security on the files... this is done by changing the permissions on the files themselves and changing the settings in IIS for the directory they reside in. Or, you can insert the files into a database. But this way you have to write an application to insert the files into a binary blob field in your database software.

    Hope this helps.
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