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    Unanswered: Run-time Access vs. Win2K (error 3706)

    I’ve created a multi-user database. All clients have installed an Access 2000 run-time version, a part of them has NT4.0 machine and there’s no problem. Two notebook have Win2K Prof. and the application shows this type of error when is trying to establish a connection :

    ‘ 3706 error : Provider not found etc….

    The connection is DSN type and db is protected by .mdw file.
    I tried to reinstall jet library, downloading SP6 for win 2k (
    but it doesn’t work. Version of mdac is the following : 2.5 sp2 s.
    Could be right downloading 2.6 mdac version (or a new version) ?
    Every search on the net suggests me that it’s a mdac type problem. Is right or not ? What could be a possible solution ?

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    Win2K by default has the MDAC installed. Please checkout the DSN settings using ODBC Admin (ODBCAD32.exe) and/or manually set the DSN settings on the win2k systems.

    3706 error occurs when u use a connection object without setting the database for the connection

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