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    Unanswered: load/import warnings

    Within a generic load process, I need to ascertain if all rows have loaded/imported correctly. The loading of files will be automated, so I only want to involve users when the load returns a sqlcode warning that has affected the data (e.g. replacing values with nulls for datatype mismatch, truncation, etc).

    There appear to be any number of warnings that are not representative of the data being affected. Short of deriving a definitive list of such warnings, how can I determine whether any action is required?

    What would be really nice would be to restrict warnings to those that denote data mutation. A pattern match on the sqlcode would also do the job.

    Any ideas???

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    General Deheza, Cba, Arg.

    Lightbulb a idea.

    test the command "Get diasnostics"?

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