In an MS Access report I am using a subreport in the page footer that I make visible only when the page number is 1. I also reset the page numbers for each group in the report, so the subreport should show on the first page of each group. It does on single page groups, but after a multipage group, all that shows on subsequent groups is the name of the subreport. The subreport itself is blank!

Does anyone have a suggested fix for this behavior? Has anyone else experienced it?

Additional info: If I remove the code to show the subreport only on page 1, it shows it on all pages as expected, including the "page 1" pages where only the subreport name is shown in the above scenario. Also note that the subreport name is not shown on pages where I do not want to show the subreport. The problem appears to be a bug in Access where the subreport itself is not picked up in this circumstance even though the name of the subreport is displayed.

I have anothe somewhat similar problem in that if I view a report with the subreport showing as expected, all I get is the name of the subreport on the hardcopy when I print from the view screen. If I print directly in my code it works OK.