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    Unanswered: Outlook / Access VBA automation

    Looking for some help...

    Requirements: I need to pull a query from an Access DB (secured) to an Excel spreadsheet (passworded) once a week and mail on to 2 ppl.

    I know outlook uses VBA... was looking for some advice on how to automate this export directly from outlook...

    Is there an 'event trigger' to kick the code off I can set in my outlook calender ?

    thx in advance for any advice....

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    depends on what version of outlook you are using. you can control outlook from outside (using word/access/excel/etc) using vba. if you are using an older version of outlook, you will need to use vbscript from within outlook to look at the current day's calendar items and search for one that says to do your function.

    you can probably use the vbscript to call a macro from within access, which will do all the work for you.

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