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    Unanswered: refreshing combo boxes

    I have two combo boxes on a form. The 2nd is dependant on data displayed on the first. The second combo box for some reason will only show the listings correctly the first time. If I change the first combo the 2nd combo boxes items will not refresh. I've tried adding docmd.requery to "on click" events on the second combo box but it didn't work. Does anyone have any ideas that would correct this?

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    Try requerying the 2 nd combo from the onchange event of the first combo box.

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    dynamictiger offers a good solution
    - update onchange or
    - update on exit or
    - update after update

    - Also, perhaps you need to do more than requery. Perhaps you should have the on exit function of the first combo box call a function to update the row source of the second combo box. For example...

    Private Sub cboComboBox1.AfterUpdate()
    'this updates the second combo based on new value of the first
    cboComboBox2.rowsource = ""SELECT tblExample.Criteria FROM tblExample WHERE (((tblCase.Criteria) = Me.cboComboBox1;"
    end sub
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