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    Unanswered: PL/SQL works on one machine but not on another


    Ive implemented in my application a code that gets information from a PL/SQL procedure that is written on a Oracle database.

    Everything works fine when I run my application on the machine (lets call it A) Im developing the application on but when I move the .exe to a server (lets call it B) I start getting the following error:

    Err.Number: ; -2147217913 ; Err.Description: ; [Oracle][ODBC Oracle Driver]Error in assignment.

    The application uses ADO components to connect to Oracle.

    The difference between those two machines is:
    A: Win NT
    B: Win 2000

    A: ADO driver 2.60.6526.0
    B: ADO driver 2.61.7326.0
    I got the error as well when B had an earlier version of the driver installed so I upgraded the driver on B to the one mentioned above but the same error still comes up with the updated driver.

    A: VB6.0
    B: VB not installed since it is a server.

    Does anyone know a solution to this one ?????
    Please help .... because Im completly lost in this one.

    Thanx in advance, Erlendur

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    The fact that you are getting an ODBC error would lead me to believe that you have a conflicting odbc entry, or you are using the ODBC driver unintentionally. Make sure that you are not using the OLE DB provider for ODBC.

    what is your connection string?

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    The solution


    I replaced every adNumeric field I was using with adVarChar field and after that everything works fine.
    Is it possible that this is a known bug or ... ??????????

    Thanx for your reply, Erlendur

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