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    Exclamation Unanswered: Import Export of Table giving Problems

    Hi All,
    I am facing a problem in importing a table.
    Actually the problem ia as follows:
    I have a table known as Inquiry and has 1000s of records in it. Now I want to make some changes like changing the datatype of a column which is varchar2 to LONG. It gives me ERR as u have not delete all the records in the table and do the changes. I took a backup by the export utility and deleted all the records from the table Inquiry and made the changes which went successful.
    But now i want all my 1000 of records to be in the newly edited table Inquiry. When i used the import utility to import all the records of the table i got a WARNING as it is terminated due to the table is existing.

    Now my problem is how do i get all the records in my newly updated table i.e Inquiry from the backup file (dmp file).

    Thanks for ur reply in advance.

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    If you specify the parameter IGNORE=Y with import, the import tool will ignore all 'already exists' errors, and insert all rows into the already existing tables.
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