I have installed BizTalk Server, Mq Series & BizTalk Adapter for
MQ Series on my machine.I am trying to send send messages from
Mq Series to BizTalk, i have gone through the following steps:

1>Created a job(job1) in BizTalk Adapter for MQSeries Configuration Manager
Details as :
MQ Host Name - cd4 (Machine Name)
Queue Manager Name - QM_cd4
Transmission Queue Name - tQueue

2>Exported data to definition file, where by a job1.mqs file is created having the details :
MQSeries Transmission Queue - tQueue
Remote Queue Name- JOB

3>Then i have imported the definition file but running the following command on the command prompt:

RUMMQSC QM_cd4 <job1.mqs> OUTPUT.TXT

Where by the OUTPUT.TXT file is created, also a
Remote Definition Queue called JOB & a Local Queue called tQueue is created.

4>In the properties of the Remote Definition (JOB) i have set the Remote Queue Name as RemoteQ(which also i have created).

5>The i have Mapped Channel to Queue Name as followes:

MQSeries Queue Name - RemoteQ
Openness - NonOpen
Channel Name - (My Channel Name, that picks up messages from tQueue & puts it in a queue called OutBoundQ)

6>Then i ran the following command on the command prompt:


This command sends messages to the tQueue Queue

I am able to send messages to the tQueue Queue by unable to pick them
& send them to the OutBoundQ via the channel.

Where am i going wrong?Please do get back to me as soon as possible.Any help would do.