Hi, I've got few questions :
1. I need to do a SELECT * FROM TABLE which is of the size of 5000 rows (with 10 columes of CHAR(20) and INTEGER). I know it's expensive but exactly how much is it expensive. It took me 5 seconds.
Is it A LOT and the problem is me not working right or is it that way in Cloudscape 4.0 (in 500 rows database take me 0.7 seconds)
Everything else (Like queries with WHERE + when I have indexes for them) runs fast (0.2 secs per query).

2. In Cloudview I want to export a STORED QUERY (I want to give the name as ? and get in return a long BLOB) Now I get it in the bottom table but I can't seem to export it Any ideas of how to export the bottom table (The one which gives the results).

3. In client-server. I am the client and I want to run (using cloudview)
an SQL-J funciton (using CALL ...) in that function (which is run on the server side) I get the connection as an argument and I want to write a file (of BLOB) on the clients computer (from where I run cloudview).
Any ideas of how to "get" to the clients computer from the server when given SQL-J CALL ?

Thank you.