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    Unanswered: how do I delete relationship between lookup tables and main tables

    After reading the posts on this forum, i have decided to lookups in forms instead of tables. I would however like to use the lookup tables as record sources for the combo fields on forms.

    Iwanted to delete the relationship b/n the lookup tables and the tables they link too.

    I did what another post said to do to remove a lookup from a field -(change from combobox to textbox) - however, in my relationship window, the lookup table is still linked to the main table - how can i have lookup tables (to be used later when creating forms) in my design view, without them being linked to other tables? my relationship window looks insane with so many links to lookup tables...

    Thanks in advance

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    Related question....please answer both :)

    Hi ,

    I have read the posts about lookup tables at - i thought it was good and made alot of sense - i am going to use lookups in form instead of tables - i just need reasuring on this one matter:

    Table 1:
    Fish_id (primary key)
    Capture method

    Table 2:

    Table 3:


    (Table 3 is a lookup table)

    So...if i want to follow your advice about look up tables - i really need to delete table 2 (useless) and keep table 3 just a rowsource for combo fields on my form (ie: table three related to nothing)All i need to keep is table 1 (right???)

    just checking, i am paranoid about changing this db design, b/c i am a newbie and did not create it

    i you could answer back it would so appreciated


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