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    Unanswered: send report by mail...but not all the report #)

    I want to send a report by mail but not the complet report, only the pages of the department. what i have is this:

    DoCmd.SendObject acSendReport, "Relatorio_escolha2", acFormatRTF

    know I need to validate the part of the report that I want, to preview a report I used this:

    "Department='" & Me.test & "'" where test is the combobox it the department selected.

    How can i do to this work?

    thanks in advance to u all

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    in this case you should not filter the report but change the record source so it only shows the desired results (maybe make a copy of it and call it MyReportDepartment). Remove the filter from the call to the print preview and add to the recordsource:

    (WHERE ) Department = Forms!MyFormName!test

    hope this helps

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