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    Unanswered: file descriptors on sun sloaris 2.8.

    i have a probleme this my sybase server. my backup server hang every 6-7 days and when i restart the backup server, i'm unable to communicate between ASE server and backup server ('unable to open cannel").
    so i must restart my sybase server too (ASE 12.002).

    it seems to be related to file descriptor.

    My sun server is solaris 2.8 and the soft limit is 256. the hard limit is 1024.
    can you tell me what 's the best standard for sybase/sun ?

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    I had that exact same problem with our HA production servers a few months ago. To solve the hang backupserver problem, I did the following:

    (i) Following patches applied to Solaris(the latest at the time):
    - 109210-10 - Cluster framework patch
    - 109213-06 - Cluster comm patch

    (ii) I applied ASE V12.0 EBF 8939

    (iii) Added the following trace flags to my ASE runserver file.
    -T1631 -T1633

    It is 6/7 months now and the problem has not reoccurred.

    Hope this sorts you out.


    Mark Sheehan,
    Senior Sybase DBA

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