> I have a problem for refreshing the forms

> This is how my forms works,
> 1) I have a Form that contains a tab control
> 2) Together I have 6 tabs in the tab control
> 3) When the user open the tab forms,only 3 tabs will
> show.(i set to visible = false for other 3 tabs)
> 4)When the user navigate the 1 tab then,the records
> will show the company name in the textbox field.
> 5) When the user on double clicks onto the company
> name textbox field.
> 6)The other 3 tabs are show out with the visible set
> to true
> 7)Because the company name has its own company id
> which is a hidden field.
> 8)I get the company id,which i have used to Create a
> dynamic exisitng form call Customers(blank form only
> with the proper header naming with design
> background),i populate all the controls with the
> Customers information display in the textbox.
> 9)when the user navigate to the 2 tab,it has a
> subform(Customers_SubForm) which the Customers Forms(i
> used to populate with the textbox when the company id
> is not null based on the double click event
> previously)
> 10)The Customers_SubForm does not refresh(based on the
> Customers Form),it uses back the same blank Customers
> Form
> 11)When i open the Customers Form individually,the
> controls are created is there,but it does not show up
> in the 2 tab control
> 12)I tried to code Me.Customers_SubForm.Repaint
> 13) But it won't work
> 14)Any suggestions