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    Unanswered: file descriptor again

    very strange:
    i have a ASE 12.0.5 server (laste patch)
    sun solaris 2 . 8
    my os soft limit is 256 for file descriptor.
    my os hard limit is 1024 for file descriptor

    if ai start sybase with this basic config :
    number of user = 400
    number of device = 200
    it work perfectly.

    if i start the same server and increase the numbre of file descriptor with this command :
    ulimit -n 512
    this is mutch more than the previous soft limit, My sybase server don't start with a kernel error : The sum, (number of user connections) + (number of devices * max online engines * 2)
    + (number of remote sites) + (max number network listeners), must be no greater than '2008'.

    SO , With default parameter , it wortks and if i increase the default it don't work.
    it seems that sybase use the hard limit instead of the soft limit ?

    and my unix administrator don't want to change the hard limit ????

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    I found this to be true too as I needed to configure for 5000 user connections on my ASE with 4 engines. So I set the hard and soft limit in my /etc/system (the joys of being both the dba and system admininstrator) as follows:

    * set hard limit on file descriptors
    set rlim_fd_max = 4096
    * set soft limit on file descriptors
    set rlim_fd_cur = 4096

    The above is applied per cpu, so it enabled me to increase my user connections to 5000.

    Note: I ran in to a problem with SYSAM when i increased the file descriptors. But if you have the latest version, the bug is fixed in that.
    Mark Sheehan,
    Senior Sybase DBA

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