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    Unanswered: xml extender install problem.

    I'll try to be as descriptive as possible...

    I'm running RedHat 7.3, and I'm trying to install DB2 XML Extender, and db2 is currently working like a charm.

    I got the RPM to install AOK, but... there's some post installation steps that need to be done to get the extender working.

    The first of these steps is to run this particular script..... called "xmlicrt" (see end of document to check out the script) and...

    here's the problems... first, check out the first line of the script...


    Ok, i'm not a shell guru, but, i know that ksh is a shell, the 'korn shell' and after installing pdksh on my machine, i realized that i already had KSH installed, but, ksh is NOT at /usr/bin/ksh, it's at /bin/ksh -- soooo... i tried changed the line accordingly.

    here's the error...

    i run:

    [db2inst1@localhost bin]$ ./xmlicrt
    bash: ./xmlicrt: /bin/ksh: bad interpreter: Permission denied

    so, i tried running 'chsh' to change to using the korn shell... here's what i did, and what happened...

    [db2inst1@localhost bin]$ chsh -s /bin/ksh
    Changing shell for db2inst1.
    Shell changed.
    [db2inst1@localhost bin]$ ./xmlicrt
    bash: ./xmlicrt: /bin/ksh: bad interpreter: Permission denied

    soooooooooo.... i switched back to bash and i started thinking "ok, these files belong to root, let's chown them to db2inst1" -- same thing happend.

    so i still can't run the script i dunno if you guys have any ideas of things for me to try, or maybe can help explain to me some of this "korn" below so that i can do it manually, sorta looks like it's pretty simple stuff that this little script is performing....

    the main thing i don't understand in the script is the "ln" command.... hrmphrm.

    thanks for any input, and thanks again for even reading this far


    #check if $HOME/dxx exists
    #if not create $HOME/dxx
    if [ ! -d ${INSTHOME?}/dxx ]; then
    mkdir -p ${INSTHOME?}/dxx
    ln -fs ${DXXDIR?}/bin ${INSTHOME?}/dxx/bin

    ln -fs ${DXXDIR?}/bnd ${INSTHOME?}/dxx/bnd

    #copy template of dxxprofile from root source to
    # to ${INSTHOME?}/dxx
    cp ${DXXDIR?}/bin/dxxprofile ${INSTHOME?}/dxx

    cd ${INSTHOME?}/sqllib/function
    ln -fs ${DXXDIR?}/lib/db2xml db2xml
    ln -fs ${DXXDIR?}/lib/db2xmlfn db2xmlfn

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    turns out that xmlicrt wasn't +x, so i chmod'd it, and it's ok.


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