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    Unanswered: need form(s) which contain fields from different tables

    having been reading and trying to figure out this problem for 2 days now and am still unsuccessful...

    Here is goes.

    I am trying to create a form (s) where I can enter data from fisheries-related paper records - the problems is is that the records contain data that relate to fields in different tables.( it would be so nice if the records perfectly matched ONE table!) For example, the records i would like to enter are concerned with: origin, field work date, location, and # of fish captured.

    The fields where these records belong are in different tables. Some of the tables are related - for example data source and location fields are in related tables, as are # of fish captured and origin. but data source is not related to origin.

    i am working with a db that has MANY tables and it has just been given to me, a newbie of all people, to create forms for data entry

    any suggestion on going about this would be greatly appeciated

    when i try to create a query to base my form on containing all the fields i require - query comes out blank...

    need help!

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    I think reading your post you are missing a table. I think there is a relationship between Origin and one of the other parameters, and it is a many to many relationship.

    To resolve many to many you need a join table which becomes one to many and one to many on both sides.


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