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Thread: Date problem

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    Unanswered: Date problem

    How date is stored in this database?

    My regional settings is in dd/mm/yyyy format
    when i am selecting current_date it is
    giving '01/07/2002'.

    I am having table with dailyid and reporteddate
    as columns.I am getting the values for the reporteddate
    from the frontend(textbox value).Textbox value
    is in dd/mm/yyyy format.

    when i am inserting values like '28/06/2002'
    it is inserting values into the database as
    i typed. But when i am inserting '07/06/2002' and
    '01/07/2002'.It is inserting date values
    as '06/07/2002' and '07/01/2002'.
    What's the problem?
    Why it is saving like this?Is there any solution
    for this?

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    date problem

    I don't know whats going on there.

    But the best thing is you save the date with


    With this format you don't have any problems

    I have written an conversion layer cause my datestyle is

    so you can give in every date you need and send it through your conversion layer

    one big effort. solution forever
    --Postgresql is the only kind of thing--

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    to answer your question, santhi, date are stored as integers or floating-point numbers

    what you meant to ask was, "how do i insert dates, and how do i get them back out?"

    i agree with eperich, you will never have any trouble if you specify your dates in ISO standard format, yyyy-mm-dd

    check for more info


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