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    help with htpasswd usage in windows


    I am trying to create a user/password account for my webserver using htpasswd. My operating system is WinXP and I am using APACHE HTTP server 2.0.39. When I type the following

    htpasswd -c C:\temp john

    I get the following message

    htpasswd: -c and -n options conflict

    Any suggestions on how I can fix this are more than welcome.

    Thanks Keith.

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    Not tried Apache v2.x yet... but if I remember rightly when using Apache v1.3.x on the Windows platform didn't you have to use forward slashes instead of back slashes in your paths??
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    do you mean typing

    htpasswd -c C:/temp john

    I tried this but I still get
    htpasswd: -c and -n options conflict

    I can't understand why it's telling me -n conflict since I'm not using it anywhere?

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    this is a bug in 2.0.39. either recompile your code with the following patch applied, or install 2.0.40

    the patch:

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