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    SQL> select cr_reference from td_har.cros_ref where cr_key_1 = 45;

    BUG_45_td_Capture 1.jpg
    BUG_45_td_Capture 2.jpg

    when I do a query using sql plus I get the following message which is fine and correct.

    I have a front end gui which displays a form. T
    he form has a unique id and this is corresponding to the cr_key_1 which is 45.

    My problem is if I open a new form the id changes to let us say 50.

    How do I query the database based on the current id of the form??.

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    well can u explain more on the the front end that u are usiong VB..aslo how have u stored the id of the form???

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    The tool is a custom tool and it generates the form and it associates with active x components. and the the name of the object is the field which is defined as a column in the database at the back end.

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